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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Art of Erin Baird - Blog Mission Statement

There is a huge difference between just writing about yourself, and writing about the things you believe in, the things you make, and the things that represent you. I'd like to think this blog is more the latter than the former. I've seen blogs that may as well be diaries, and while I see no problem with that, I do not want that for this. Obviously this is a place that is about me, Erin Baird, that is inherit in the definition of a "blog." But I like to keep the overly personal stuff off-the-site. You won't see me talking about my current flings, emotional problems, or how I feel on one particular day. Instead I'd like to make great verbal brushstrokes, one at a time, that is painting a picture bigger than myself.

This blog started off as a senior project for me to post my progress on my art projects, hence the name, but I feel as though over time it has maintained its name - there's definitely some art in here - while expanding on its own definition of what exactly the art of Erin Baird is. It is my philosophies, my processes, my beliefs, my family, my bikes, and of course, my art. Whatever it is that is inside of me that has this need to be constantly creating, I believe that is the best part of me, and I am trying to capture that part of me on this site. I am putting my best self forward, right here, on The Art of Erin Baird.


  1. whooOOOaaa. long time no see! you live in austin now?? that's awesome! their derby team is amazing. you should check out their rec league before trying out. [if you are still thinking about it!]

  2. i know dude!!! we're oldschool like livejournal friends haha. Yeah I live in ATX now, and I will definitely check out the rec league!! Good to get back in touch!