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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Traditional sketching!

I've done some cintiq sketchin, but I like the oldschool way too ;) so here ya go.

OH AND sorry the quality of these scans are soooo awful. Here I am at Kinkos and without SCAD's awesome facilities at my disposal. Cannot afford $5000 scanner yet.

These are some sketches for a potential children's book I'm going to illustrate. It will be based around this character, Leia.

My baby Boo snoozin. He has the biggest ears and feet but the smallest body. So cute.

Quick five minute sketch at Caribou coffee while the wifi was down. This guy was awesome, he asked me what year my Macbook was, lol.

Some sketches I did at the Georgia Aquarium, which by the way is completely and totally AWESOME. I could have easily spent all day in there being completely mesmerized.

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully next time I'll find a better scanner. Hope you've enjoyed, lovelies.


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