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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I have a lot of sketches

So I've been sketching a lot, but in my sketchbook and not my wacom tablet, and I am in desperate need of a high-quality scanner so that I may scan in my sketches and then use them for my wacom tablet. I'm pretty sure Kinko's has shitty scanners and the closest SCAD facility is a few thousand miles away. I feel quite lost sometimes with SCAD's awesome facilities no longer at my disposal. So I think I'm going to save up and buy a fancy scanner, I see no other way around it. Street corner, here I come.

(Just kidding, Mom.)

But really, anyone out there with awesome scanners? If so what are your experiences? Price range and quality, etc? I've been shopping around online but I think I need to go into Office Depot for a legit run down.

No pix this time, obvi, because I am sans scanner. But I'll tell you what I've been up to. Now that I'm out of school I feel as though I need to teach myself, so I've given myself assignments and homework (I think after being in school for twenty years I don't know any other way to progress). I noticed that most my drawings are singular objects without context or background, without any real depth to the composition. So I've assigned myself ten pages of environment scenes, five interior and five exterior settings. So far I've drawn a swamp, a mountain range, and a doctor's office. I'm about to draw the very salon I work in, whoo! I've also often said, "I can't draw in a straight line," which is true, probably because I can't think in a straight line either. So I've assigned myself ten pages of nothing but buildings (no ruler allowed, I think that's cheating unless you're an architect). And just to soften the load I've also assigned myself sketches of every single LOST character ever, but that's really just for fun and to get myself hyped up for next season (already counting down the months/days/hours).

So, once I have access to an awesome scanner I'll post my progress and let you be the judge. I sometimes find myself getting bored with interior scenes, everything is so gridded out and square, but I push myself through it and try to make it fun.



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