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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Old Pieces, New Photography

I started these pieces last year and reworked them incorporating techniques I have developed in the past year as a result of these pieces. What started out as an experiment has developed a concrete process that I utilize with every piece, now. All as a result of experimentation. I've even standardized my post-painting process; photographing them and posting them on my blog. As per usual, mad props to my buddy Josh Verduzco" for the help with the photography. We swap photos for haircuts. Never underestimate the power of bartering your skills!

Moving Forward


I have other old pieces that are photographed better, now available to view on my Flickr site, but these were the only ones I reworked. Moving Forward is now available for purchase at the Austin Art Garage, located on South Lamar. I'm pretty excited, it's a really rad, lowbrow gallery.

On that note, my other photographer buddy Evan Prince recently took a few photos of me, The Fox, and Shirley.

The Fox behind me, and my other mode of transportation even further behind me (the Focus is a road warrior. Ten more years!)

Me and Shirley. She's a beast.

Just me, thinking about my bikes.

You can see more on his tumblr. He makes me look good.

And since we're going balls-deep with the images here, I'll go ahead and toss in some recent graphic design freelance I just completed:

Any excuse to use neon is a good one.

I hope I crashed your computer with all that overwhelming amount of amazing content I just dumped on you. Ya welcome, internet.

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  1. Def digging the wood paintings erin! There's something about wood grain that make a piece look great, I think it's the organic feeling it gives. Keep them comin!