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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dairy allergy?

So over the past few years I've developed a milk allergy. Up until recently, it never bothered me that much. My face would get hot and I'd sweat a little bit on the bridge of my nose, that was all. Never enough to actually deter me from consuming anything with dairy in it. But lately, for some reason, it has spiraled out of control. I'd break out into hives, puke, and spend the rest of the evening on the toilet. I think I'm still okay to eat stuff like bread or anything with a tiny amount of milk, but things like cake, creamer, and yes....cheese, are becoming completely off-limits. I know, I know, you SHOULD weep for me, because it's a fucking tragedy. I already can't eat red meat, but I've never missed it. I swear to god, if I become allergic to fish or chicken, I will kill myself. I'm already having a hard time finding joy in life without cheese, if anything else is taken away from me....I will lose it.

So I'm on a quest, I'm looking for dairy-free blogs and recipe books, trying to make a general lifestyle change, because for the past few weeks I've had the "fuck you, milk allergy!! I EAT WHAT I WANT!" attitude, and let's just say...it has not gone over well. Basically, I'm sick of feeling sick all the time, and I think I'm ready to change my diet.

I bought some benadryl, goat cheese, and a boatload of toilet paper to celebrate my last day of dairy consumption. I will be incapacitated for the next four hours. Thank you, and goodnight.

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  1. Sounds awful. I don't know about losing cheese, or milk, but I do know that there are some vegan's that eat pretty well.

    *In Utero is my favorite

    *I like the suction cups on the C in creatures. It totally fooled me into believing that it was an octopus and not just a letter.

    *Manhattan is 22.7 sq miles. 13.5 long and 2.3 wide with 1.6 million residents. Those are not including all the Cubans, Puerto Ricans and other people like Haitians, that are not exactly accounted for.