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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toobs and some design work

Hello all. I've had a tumultuous few weeks. Eventful, to say the least. I'll get into that later. Right now, it's art time.

I'm pretty proud of this one. I hand-cut the border with a rotating saw, laid the tape down and painted it with wood stains. I used white charcoal for the pattern outline and tube shading, then I tripled coated it with resin. I think I could let it go for a cool $500, since I put so much work into it.
(sidenote, props to my friend Josh Verduzco for taking this picture of my artwork. He is a pro.)

This is a billboard design I did for the Austin Art Boards billboard design contest. The image quality here is pretty bad because it's from my phone, I seriously threw this together in about two days so no time to take quality pictures. The judging is one July 1st, so finger's crossed.

Switching gears here, here is some logo design work of mine in effect. I created the logo for a wine and liquor store in Oklahoma City called The Wine Gallery. A friend of mine, Adam Duffy, is the owner. You should check it out, they have a great selection, and they put on monthly art shows and wine tastings. Pretty cool joint.

Not art-related, but Austin-related. Here I am enjoying a gin and tonic at Soul Happening, an awesome monthly event at the Legendary White Swan. I always have a blast.

So that's what's new, I have a couple new projects I'm working on and will post the final pieces when I'm done. Peace out.

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