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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ha ha...

I was all confused as to why I had a bunch of hits out of nowhere and I realized my buddy Aura gave me a shout out in HER blog, so I thought I'd post a picture from memory lane:

Is this really eight years ago?

I met Aura in a moving car filled with boys who were yelling and honking at me, back when she was dating that Special Disaster Team dude. From way back in the Livejournal days, yeah. Seriously. I've seen her through many walks of life! I can't believe she is a mama now, it has been great to witness such a personal transformation. I could eat little baby E up! Maybe someday I'll have a brown baby of my own and they can play together! Ha ha!


  1. it's always interesting how friends meet :) cute picture of you two.

  2. Ah! I used to follow you on livejournal, man that was a long time ago!

    Welcome to Austin, the raddest place on earth.