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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dustbowl Stuff!

So here are most of the paintings I had put together for the Dustbowl Arts Market which was at the Norman Music Festival a few weeks ago. I wanted to make everything really affordable to so I worked kind of small and got all my frames from the thrift store before refinishing them.

Definitely NOT Inspired by China


Definitely NOT a Self-Portrait


The Mayan


In Utero

Definitely NOT Mickey Mouse


The Haitian

And of course while taking these pictures my little man tried to help. By blocking the light and pawing at everything, of course.

Cuz he's special like that.

Everything I didn't sell I'll be putting up on my etsy, which is still in the making so I won't post the link, but as soon as it's ready I'll let everyone know. That's all for now!

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